Petercem Sensors Newsletter - December 2022

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Petercem Sensors Newsletter - December 2022

Petercem Sensors                                                                                                 

                                          Petercem Sensors Newsletter - December 2022

IRIS standard

Introduced in 2006 by UNIFE (European Rail Supply Industry Association), and    

today supported by Alstom-Bombardier, Siemens, CAF and certain railway 

equipment manufacturers, the IRIS standard allows a strong and recognized 


PETERCEM Sensors is certified at bronze level. The successful implementation of IRIS allows 

us to create a win-win situation between suppliers, Petercem, and customers. The monitoring

imposed by the IRIS standard involves continuous improvement of the means of production 

and the quality of our products, and future development.

Current sensors NCS Range: 

Digital technology for accurate measurement             


  • Galvanicinsulation between circuits 

  • Measurementof all waveforms is possible

  • Choice ofoutput type (current or voltage, IPN or IPMAX) 

  • Very largecurrent measuring range (up to 40 kA) 

  • Low powerconsumption 

  • Simplifiedmechanical fixing.

  • Savings inenergy

  • No rise of temperature around the sensor


  • Sensors to measure DC, AC 
    or pulsating currents

  • All mobility systems                                                                                                 



Case Study


The applications for these products are diverse, as shown by the fact that Chronix, our distributor in Japan, asked us for a current sensor project for the modernization 

of the equipment of a dam. The final customer is HITACHI, a major operator of hydroelectric infrastructures, including the Okutataragi dam.


Our products are used as sensors for measurements in current 

bars for the power supply of the motor pumps of the Okutataragi 

dam in Japan. They are central to the operation of the dam. The 

simple installation in any critical environment was the key to meet 

this challenge. Its low energy consumption and reliability allow it 

to be at the heart of today's environmental issues. Diagram 

showing the possible uses of the product


One of the most powerful dam in Japan                            

Power: 1932 MW

Height of the dam: 72 meters

Length: 577 meters

Upper reservoir capacity: 33,387,000 cubic meters

                                                                                               PETERCEM SENSORS NCS-305



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